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The spine is extremely flexible. It can bend far enough to form two thirds of a complete circle. Up to 80% of us will experience back pain at some point in our lifetime and if you're struggling with back pain, you'll know how much it affects day to day life.

Spinal problems

Osteoarthritis of the spine

Wear and tear of the bones in the spine


Compression of the sciatic nerve, causing irritation and pain down the leg

Disc prolapse

Protrusion of the disc between the bones of the spine touching a nerve

Mechanical back pain

Back pain, often caused by sitting for prolonged period or overloading the spine

Neck pain

Common causes include wear and tear, trauma and disc disease


Abnormal bending of the spine

Need help with neck or back pain?

Contact me to book an appointment so I can examine you and advise further management.

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