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Foot & Ankle

Each foot has 26 bones, 30 joints and more than 100 muscles, tendons and ligaments all working together. From bunions to ankle arthritis - foot and ankle pain makes walking and wearing shoes a challenge.

Common problems


Often described as a lump on the big toe joint, it is caused by drift of the big toe towards the 2nd toe

Osteoarthritis of the big toe

Wear and tear of the joint surface of the big toe

Achilles tendinitis

Inflammation of the tendon at the back of the tendon that attaches to the heel

Plantar fasciitis

Inflammation of the thick membrane on the bottom of the foot which causes pain when stepping

Ingrown toenails

Abnormal growth of the nails into the surrounding skin of the toe, sometimes causing infection

Toe arthritis

Wear and tear of the joint surface of the smaller toes, causing deformity and sometimes needing fusion

Need help with foot and ankle pain?

Contact me if you've got any concerns about foot or ankle health and I'll be happy to see and examine you.

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