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Oral presentations

Throughout my career, I have participated in international and national orthopaedic meetings and conferences, submitting my research for presentation purposes.

I have presented my work 19 times as oral/podium presentations and have been fortunate to win best presentation awards several times.

The Role Of A Labelled White Cell Scan For The Assessment Of A Painful Knee Arthroplasty

 S Trowbridge, Back D, P Pastides

Oxford Bone Infection Conference, Oxford, Dec 2020


Graft Tensioning techniques in ACL reconstruction: An experimental Study

P Pastides, R Khakha, G Heilpern, A Davies, A Ajuied


Virtual 21st EFORT Congress, Vienna June 2020


Ultra-Low Velocity knee dislocate=ions in the obese patient: A systematic review of the literature

 P Pastides, J Bliss


Virtual 21st EFORT Congress, Vienna June 2020


The use of ketamine sedation for the management of displaced paediatric forearm fractures

Anatole Wiik, Poonam Patel, Joanna Bovis, Adele May, Pastides P, Alison Hulme, Stuart Evans, Charles Stewart


BOA Congress 2018, Birmingham, 25-28th September 2018


Dip and drip: the impact of different methods of excess water expulsion on the strength of plaster of Paris backslabs

Elvey M, Pastides P. Halsey T


British Society Surgery of Hand, Edinburgh, November 2017



One hundred consecutive computer navigated fixed bearing unicompartmental knee replacements: a prospective study reporting on patient reported outcome and radiological analysis at a minimum of 5 years

D Nathwani, P Pastides, J Windley

CAOS UK, London, 25th June 2016


Longitudinal gait analysis of orthopaedic patients using a single ear-worn sensor: a potential for remote home-based assessment of post-operative gait improvement

D Jarchi, P Pastides, B Lo, C Wong, E Leong, Nathwani D, GZ Yang


CAOS UK, London, 25th June 2016


The Salto total ankle replacement: mid term survivorship and functional outcomes in a prospective patient cohort

Pastides P, Rosenfeld P


BOFAS, Brighton, 5th - 7th November 2014


Gait Analysis in Clinic – eAR to stay?

Pastides P, Jarchi D, Yang ZH, Nathwani D

7th CAOS Conference, Royal Society of Medicine, 22nd November 2013


Percutaneous Arthroscopic Calcaneal Osteosynthesis (PACO) for significantly displaced intra-articular calcaneal fractures

Pastides P, Milnes L, Rosenfeld P

BOFAS, Belfast, November 2013


Percutaneous Arthroscopic Calcaneal Osteosynthesis

Pastides P, Milnes L, Rosenfeld P

Bigfoot III, Royal Society of Medicine, 17-18th May 2013


Management of Ingrowing Toenails: A Parallel Study 

Mitra A, Pastides P, Hartley E, Lashari S

EFORT 13th Annual Congress, Berlin, 22-25 May 2012


The Biomechanical Role of Periosteum in Fracture Prevention

Pastides P, Khan I, Jones M, Theobald P

British Trauma Society Annual Meeting, May 2012


Regional Variation in Periosteal Adhesion and the Clinical Relevance

Pastides P, Khan I, Jones M, Theobald P

British Trauma Society Annual Meeting, May 2012


Operative Technique for Late Stage Freiberg’s Disease: Up to 4 Year Follow-Up

Pastides P, Charalambides C


British Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Society Annual Conference, 2-4th November 2011, Windsor


Bone loss during revision unicompartmental and total knee replacement: an analysis of the national joint registry data

Oussedik S, Sarraf K, Pastides P, Somashekar N


SICOT 2011 XXV Triennial World Congress, Prague, 6-9 September 2011


Nominated as one of the best ten free papers


Morton’s Neuroma: A clinical versus radiological diagnosis

Pastides P, El-Sallakh S, Charalambides C


EFORT 12th Annual Congress, Copenhagen, 1-4 June 2011


Nominated Best Paper Award


Blunt Pericardial Rupture and Cardiac Torsion: A Multi Disciplinary Success

Pastides P, Sra H, Dindyal S


Royal Society of Medicine Adrian Turner Prize Meeting, Plymouth, June 2011


Second Prize


Superior results can be obtained treating displaced intracapsular hip fractures with modern metaphyseal fit uncemented hemiarthroplasty

Pastides P, Anwar H, Wood L, Haddo O, Saksena J

3rd Annual Royal London Trauma Society Meeting July 2010

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